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DePuy Hip Implant

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For the last 20 years hip replacements, offering more mobility and less recovery time, have been on the rise. Promises of newer models were often attractive and many people in need of hip replacements were eager to try these “improved” devices — until several of the implants were recalled.

DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuit

For the hundreds of thousands of people who have already been surgically implanted with metal-on-metal implants like DePuy's Pinnacle hip implant, the question is: What happened?

If you received a metal-on-metal hip replacement and have experienced problems, please contact us at 844-855-2883 or via the form. We offer free legal consultations regarding hip replacement lawsuits.

Robins Cloud’s team of hip replacement lawyers has been on the forefront of DePuy implant litigation. Working with other law firms, our DePuy hip attorneys currently represent hundreds of men and women harmed by the implants. Now, more than 8,000 lawsuits have been consolidated in Texas federal courts in a multidistrict litigation. We can expect to see those numbers rise as more patients begin suffering from terrible DePuy hip implant side effects.

Future candidates for hip surgery will benefit from the recall. But what about the patients who have already been fitted with the potentially faulty medical devices? What about the revision surgeries they may need – as well as the additional medical treatments, the pain, potential immobility and even lost wages?

That’s where the DePuy hip implant attorneys at Robins Cloud stand strong.

To join the many others who are fighting for their rights after being injured by DePuy hip implants, call us at 844-855-2883 or contact us here today.

What Went Wrong?

Not too long ago metal-on-metal hip implants were hailed as the new star in artificial hips implants. The New York Times noted that one in three hip replacement procedures in the United States utilized the all-metal design in recent years. The device was even promoted for younger patient groups.

But then the high failure rates started to manifest. It was not long until patients started speaking up, voicing their concerns after suffering painful side effects from the breakdown of the implant’s metal surfaces. The potential side effects include bone, tissue and muscular issues as well as “Metallosis,” “Necrosis” and “Osteolysis,” words that spell trouble due to metal toxicity in the blood.

But that’s not all; additional side effects may include:

  • Muscular atrophy
  • Hip dislocation or instability
  • Severe pain and inflammation
  • Weakened bones surrounding the implant
  • Tumor-like deposits around affected joints
  • Need for revision or reconstructive surgery

Johnson and Johnson’s DePuy division stopped selling its Pinnacle hip implant in 2013, which was not long after we started representing patients who suffered serious symptoms after implant surgery.

We are proud to continue representing patients as these cases move forward and remove on the forefront of meaningful pharmaceutical litigation.

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Case Experience

When considering a hip replacement lawyer to handle your DePuy lawsuit, you want to make sure the attorney representing your case has the track record for winning DePuy lawsuits. The skilled attorneys at Robins Cloud has been on the forefront of DePuy implant litigation since the beginning. Our DePuy hip implant attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of men and women injured by the hip implants. Currently, over 8,000 lawsuits have been consolidated in Texas federal courts in a multidistrict litigation. The numbers are expected to rise as more patients begin to suffer from the unpleasant DePuy hip implant side effects. Robins Cloud LLP DePuy hip implant attorneys are skilled with a proven track record of success. Don’t delay, call our firm today.

Diagnosis & Treatment

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DePuy Hip Implant Personal Injury Attorneys

DePuy ASP implant or the Pinnacle hip implant resulted in thousands allegedly injured by the defective implants. While many endured painful complications linked to an early failure rate, many others required subsequent surgeries to remediate the injury caused by these defective hip implants. If this happened to you, you may be entitled to compensation and Robins Cloud LLP is prepared to represent patients with DePuy hip implants.

Lawsuit Information

DePuy hip replacement lawsuits are very complicated and with the assistance of a DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawyers, your lawsuit will end up being more effective and straightforward. Choosing Robins Cloud LLP, you can be assured your hip injury claim will be taken care of by an experienced and qualified legal team that is mindful of the DePuy hip replacement lawsuit and will present your case in the most effective way possible.