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Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

At the law firm of Robins Cloud LLP, our philosophy is simple: we strive to do what is right for you. We work hard to provide you with the results you want to achieve. We have no agenda of our own, no interest in forcing you to accept unfair settlements to get your case resolved hastily, and no interest in going to trial to egotistically demonstrate our skills.

When you come to our law firm to handle your personal injury case, we will start by listening to you. After we have learned about your case, we will guide you to the options available, carefully informing you about the costs and benefits of each.

We Guide. You Direct. We Take Action.

For almost 20 years, the attorneys at Robins Cloud have been handling significant litigation for people harmed by corporate wrongdoing across the country. Our practice is focused on serious and catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. These include mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, NFL concussions, major trucking accidents, defective product litigation and injuries sustained from harmful pharmaceuticals and medical implants.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury caused by the wrongful conduct of others, you need personal injury lawyers that have a proven track record of winning even the most difficult of lawsuits against the toughest defendants. This is true whether you are facing mesothelioma, an injury caused by a defective medical device or medication, an NFL concussion or a catastrophic accident caused by a truck or a product malfunction.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Somewhere every day, someone is harmed by the wrongful conduct of negligent corporations. It is on behalf of these injured men, women & children that Robins Cloud has dedicated itself to the pursuit of justice for almost 20 years. And why we continue today. Heard Robins is humbled and honored to represent and fight for people who have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing. We make it our mission to guide our clients and achieve success.

The process of finding a personal injury attorney can sometimes be a difficult one. It's rare to find a case with clients that are not dealing with recent or expected hardship. Robins Cloud strives to make this process as painless as possible by providing the information and potential courses of action in a convenient and timely manner. We make ourselves available for our clients and help them navigate their options with a clear understanding of their case.

Robins Cloud is an experienced law firm with multiple offices throughout the United States. We understand the difficulty that can often accompany a case with one or more injured parties and we stand vigilent with our clients against large corporations that are negligent or representing the negligent party. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney we encourage you to call us or contact us using the form on this page.

Mesothelioma Litigation

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer usually caused by exposure to Asbestos, a dangerous and toxic substance. There are limited treatment options and unfortunately no true cure currently for Mesothelioma. Robins Cloud has represented many Mesothelioma cases and understands the delicate nature this terrible diagnosis can have upon a family.

There is no amount of money that will lessen the suffering of this terrible infliction, but a high settlement can help the family during the financial struggles that accompany it. Robins Cloud attorneys have decades of experience helping mesothelioma victims and their families file their lawsuits and achieve the maximum possible settlements and verdicts.

Areas We Practice

Mesothelioma Mesothelioma is a tragic killer. While there is no cure, there is help, and some small level of justice, provided to those suffering from this horrendous disease. We have plenty of experience in helping those suffering.

NFL Concussion Litigation Robins Cloud is helping retired NFL players file for compensation from the NFL Concussion Settlement. The NFL attorneys at Robins Cloud are working to protect players’ interests and assist them through this very complex process.

Dangerous Drugs There is little doubt that pharmaceutical companies regard profit as their highest motive. And when that interferes with patient safety, we step in. If you feel you’ve had your safety comprised by prescription medication, call us immediately.

Food Poisoning When an injury is causing severe pain, time off work, or potentially lasting results, it’s considered a serious personal injury. We specialize in seeking justice for those facing serious injury. We help you recover what is rightfully owed and assure you return to your life.

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