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A Truck Accident Story

Dangerous crashes involving a semi-truck occur more frequently than one could imagine and unfortunately, the outcomes aren’t always positive. Fortunately for Eric, he made it out alive, though he did suffer many injuries. Eric had been standing behind his own truck working on some equipment, when a driver behind him accidentally released his foot from the brake, causing the semi-truck to roll into him.

The semi managed to pin Eric’s arm, torso and legs, causing him to shout and gain the attention of the other driver, who was able to back up. However, that was not enough time as Eric’s arm, torso and legs had already been crushed between the two vehicles.

Eric required surgery on his arm due to an internal hematoma that was causing an extreme amount of pressure and even held the potential of leading to a serious condition called “compartment syndrome.” His legs healed without surgery, however, the pressure put on his torso from the accident caused damage to the discs in his back. Eric’s doctors tried epidural injections, as well as physical therapy, but neither solved the problem. Eric ultimately needed to have a fusion surgery on his lower back.

Though Eric’s injuries were serious, it was thankfully not as severe as it could have been. Unfortunately for 64-year-old Charles Foust Jr., he was not so lucky when it came to a semi-truck.

Foust was driving a 2005 Ford F250 truck when he attempted to make a turn. However, A semi driver was traveling from the opposite direction when his semi collided into Foust’s vehicle, forcing Foust off the roadway and into the median.

“A big explosion, it sounded like three times probably when he hit the truck. The truck fell over and landed on the railroad track,” said witness Al Williams.

The impact from the crash pushed the other driver’s semi over the double yellow line and overturned the vehicle into traffic, in which he was then struck by a semi driven by another person.

Unfortunately for Foust, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Foust’s passenger was transported to UC Medical Center in critical condition, while one semi-truck driver sustained minor injuries. The second semi driver was uninjured in the crash.

Another incident in Phoenix, Arizona, resulted in the death of two people. While a semi-truck was traveling westbound on Buckeye Road, it turned left, crossing all lanes of traffic and entering the eastbound lanes of Buckeye Road.

The move caused the front of the semi to collide with a Ford pickup, meanwhile, the trailer of the semi hit a Chevrolet pickup. Four people were in the Ford, two of which were pronounced deceased on the scene.

The remaining two passengers were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries, though both are expected to survive. The drivers of the semi-truck and Chevrolet were not injured in the accident.

A separate incident happened in Nevada, in which authorities released a dramatic video of a semi-truck smashing through vehicles that were stopped for a flagger in a construction zone at the time.

The truck struck a Toyota Corolla that two men from Idaho were traveling in. Both men were ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. The truck went on to hit a Nissan, another semi-truck and a Chevrolet Malibu before coming to a stop off of the road. The driver that caused the crash admitted to “drowsy driving,” according to Nevada Highway Patrol.

The list of accidents involving a semi-truck continues far and wide. For yet another unfortunate event, a semi-truck was traveling at great speeds, in which it struck a car, sending the car with the driver inside, crashing into a tree. The driver already suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, and when visiting the Emergency Room, was told the accident shifted bones inside the driver’s neck, leaving them concerned with more issues occurring later down the road.

“My neurologist went and checked me out and said the movement of the bones shouldn't be serious but he knew that my pain would be increased even more, since I have neck and back pain from my TM and he didn't think it would be worth getting surgery, which could be potentially dangerous,” stated the driver.

Aside from physical injuries, the driver also suffered from depression and PTSD, caused by the crash. “I'm too scared to drive a car, I get flashes of the accident happening especially while I'm sleeping, and I feel like I'm too scared to sleep because of the reoccurring flashes,” the driver stated.

In yet another instance, emergency services responded to a two-vehicle accident, in which a semi-truck attempted to make a turn from the right lane. While the semi was turning, it struck a pickup truck traveling straight in the left lane, causing the truck to spin and knock over a crosswalk sign. Though no injuries were reported, the semi driver was cited as being at fault.

A total of 4,102 people died in large truck crashes in 2017. Seventeen percent of these deaths were truck occupants, 68 percent were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles, and 14 percent were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.

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