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Robins Cloud is a law firm that is powerful enough to tackle your case, but still personal enough to care about you and your family. As a family fighting mesothelioma, you need a law firm that is both strong and caring.

What Do You Need to Know About Mesothelioma Lawsuits?

With mesothelioma lawsuits, there’s a limited “window of opportunity” to file a lawsuit. This means that – more often than not – families should consider filing a lawsuit while their loved one is undergoing treatment. While that may seem like a lot, keep in mind that we have been helping people with mesothelioma for over twenty-five years. We make it our priority to help families not only navigate a lawsuit, but also deal with the many other issues that surround a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Our mesothelioma lawyers can help you by not only potentially settling or winning a mesothelioma verdict on your behalfleading to real money that could help pay for treatment and morebut also by helping you get wills and other legal papers in order. We also help you connect to support groups that offer both online and in-person opportunities for learning, connection, and inspiration.

That means we advance all of case expenses upfront so you do not have to add financial worries to your already full plate. If we are unsuccessful in your lawsuit, you do not owe us anything.

Why do we do it? Because we believe that no matter how hard it may be, every family harmed by mesothelioma deserves the right to hold the asbestos defendants accountable for the immense harm they caused.

What about timing?

Unfortunately, there is something called a statute of limitations that can make things harder. This means there is a limited window of opportunity to file a mesothelioma lawsuit. So,families often have to juggle treatment and lawsuits at the same time. This is only one of the reasons why we work so hard to make things easier for our mesothelioma clients. In addition, there’s what’s called a “latency period” between exposure and diagnosis. Meaning there’s usually a long stretch of many years between when the person was exposed to asbestos and when they eventually develop mesothelioma.

Are all mesothelioma law firms the same?

No – there are several types of law firms.

Where do we stand? Robins Cloud is small enough to take personal interest in your case, but large enough to bring the power you need into the courtroom.

One thing is for certain: We are not the type of law firm that signs up cases and then sends them to someone else to do the work. We take a personal interest in our cases and intend to do the legal work necessary on each and every case, unless there is a compelling reason to bring in additional law firm expertise. We intend to be with you and your family every step of the way in your legal case, from start to finish.

Other types of law firms include the small general practice law firm, maybe a small law firm in your area that you rely on for other legal needs. These firms may lack the necessary expertise to handle mesothelioma cases, as well as the financial and other resources needed to sustain themselves for months or years without pay. If they are able to secure some form of compensation for a mesothelioma lawsuit, it’s likely that the sum is nowhere near as close to what you could receive with a more experienced mesothelioma lawyer.

Another is the “big fancy law firm,” which tends to be a very large law firm with a snazzy headquarters in a major city and at least 100 employees on their payroll. (For the record, we are headquartered in Houston, Texas and have about 50 employees, including lawyers and staff – we think this is just the right size.)

Finally, there are law firms that sign up mesothelioma clients and then send their cases to other law firms to actually work on their cases. Generally, these are the mesothelioma law firms that place ads on TV. The law firm that’s advertising is often just a front or “holder” law firm. They do not actually handle cases, but have a business model wherein they send mesothelioma cases to other law firms. That means that you likely won’t be working with the mesothelioma law firm that you initially contacted, and you may be confused about whom to actually call when you need help! Unfortunately, some law firms are all about getting a high-volume of mesothelioma clients because they work more like an assembly line. Sometimes they only have their mesothelioma clients participate in the asbestos bankruptcy trusts, even if they would receive more compensation through other legal routes. This means you end up paying for someone who pushes papers instead of the high-value legal work that you really need.

These mesothelioma “referral law firms” end up costing you just the same as a quality mesothelioma law firm that puts actual care and attention into your case. Beware of any law firm that will not commit to handling your case from start to finish.

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