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About Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous toxic substance that is known to cause cancer. Despite the known dangers, it was used abundantly for a long period of time in various industries during the 20th century.

Of course when we’re talking something so dangerous, there’s no such thing as a safe “small amount of exposure.”

In North America, asbestos exposure is the only generally accepted cause of mesothelioma, a rare cancer (approximately 3,200 people are diagnosed a year in the U.S.) that has no cure. Often times, it will take patients months to determine if the true cause of their symptoms because of how rare the cancer is and how difficult it can be to be diagnosed — to say nothing of how unfamiliar your everyday oncologist may be at dealing with mesothelioma treatment.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an important report on asbestos today.

  • Typically, individuals are exposed to asbestos in either first or second-hand scenarios. First-hand exposures involve people who were exposed to asbestos in their work or their home because they worked with asbestos-containing products, or they worked in the immediate vicinity of asbestos-containing products.
  • For those people exposed to asbestos firsthand, usually on the job, it is when asbestos becomes airborne that it is the most dangerous. This is because it can then find its way into the lungs, where it causes damage by scarring the cells of the lungs, or it can get into cells themselves and cause damage that then results in cancer. On the other hand, second-hand exposure to asbestos often involves people who either come into contact with individuals who were exposed to asbestos first-hand, such as spouses who washed their loved one’s laundry after they worked around  asbestos, or even people who lived near industrial sources of asbestos.  We have worked with clients who for years washed the dust particles off their loved ones’ clothes. The whole time, they were unknowingly exposing themselves to a horrible, deadly carcinogen.
  • Scientific studies have identified numerous occupations that have regular exposure to asbestos and thus, include a high risk of asbestos disease.  These trades include jobs in the following fields: Residential and Commercial Construction, Electricians, Carpenters, Shipbuilding, Car Mechanics, Petrochemical Workers, Railroad Workers, Plumbers, Steel Workers, and many others. Also, there are other, harder-to-identify instances in which people may be exposed, including: Dentistry, Bakers, Jewelers, and even School Teachers and staff.

There’s no such thing as a safe amount of exposure to asbestos.

  • • In addition, adults who develop mesothelioma may have been exposed to asbestos as children, from second-hand exposure when one of their parents unwittingly brought asbestos home from the workplace on their clothes, their hair, or even via the family car.  Children are particularly at risk for dangerous exposures to carcinogens because of their higher vulnerability to dangerous substances. Unfortunately, there were plenty of points of exposure that then-children could have encountered: from cars to asbestos on a parent’s clothing or even exposure through household renovation projects involving  window caulking, joint compound, and floor tile.
  • Asbestos is often found in homes built before the mid-1970s. If you suspect your home has asbestos, please DO NOT attempt to remove the asbestos yourself. Only a trained asbestos removal expert is qualified to remove the asbestos in a way that minimizes you and your family’s exposure. Asbestos is at its absolute most dangerous when it becomes airborne.

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