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As a result of poor oversight, regulatory malaise and poor self policing, dangerous products enter the market and then need to be recalled frequent basis. Reasons for product recalls vary, they are commonly related to packaging defects, contamination of a product, improper testing of a product, or inherent safety problems which could lead a product to harm a patient.

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Robins Cloud has been assisting clients with their claims against the makers of defective medical devices and dangerous pharmacuticals for over 20 years. Our award winning attorneys are well informed and have extensive knowledge and experience litigating claims against companies who have negligently manufactured and marketed their dangerous products.

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We are currently working on active cases. Our case work includes categories such as:

DePuy Hip Implant
Pfizer Hip Implant
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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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The attorneys at Robins Cloud would be honored to answer any question you may have about your claim and the initial consultation is always free. Should you choose to hire Robins Cloud to handle your personal injury claim, you will never pay an attorney fee unless we obtain a monetary recovery for you.

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Award winning Robins Cloud founder, Bill Robins III, has served in leadership positions in several mass tort and class action cases pending in federal and state courts. He has successfully litigated cases against the manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices and obtained justice for tens of thousands of his clients earning the admiration and respect of judges, opposing counsel, his peers, his staff and clients. At Robins Cloud, our guiding principle is to insure that our clients obtain justice for their injuries in a compassionate and effective manner while adhereing to the highest ethical principals and requirements of the law.

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Robins Cloud's attorneys fight for our patients and their families every day and will not rest until justice is served. Robins Cloud will carefully analyze your case and together will formulate the correct course of action for your claim while regularly updating you on the status of your claim. We’re one of only a handful of law firms in the country with a robust practice in unsafe drug and medical device litigation. We represent patients and their families across the country who were injured by the pharmaceutical company they trusted. It is Robins Cloud's utmost duty to insure that we obtain justice for our clients against all peril.

Additional Information

It is important to pick the right attorney to handle your claim. General practitioners may not know that much about the particular area of your concern. For example, a general practitioner may not have experiene prosecuting a lawsuit against the manufacterer of a particular defective medical device in a Federal Court. It is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge about your specific type of claim to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. An attorney experienced in a specific area of the law will have the right tools at his disposal to tackle your specific claims including a seasoned staff and relationships with other professionals such as expert medical doctors who can help your attorney prove your case. An experienced attorney should be familiar with not only the specific area of law but also about the specific type of claim you are asserting; for example a Risperdol claim. Ask the attorney how many claims like yours that he or she has handled. Ask the attorney about the important timeframes that control your claim. Most importantly, ask the attorney to explain the claim process to you in detail. You will be able to tell from the attorney's responses whether he is experienced and knowledgeable and, if he or she is, you can take advantage of the fact that the lawyer is already far up the learning curve.

The attorneys at Robins Cloud are among the nation's leading lawyers that represent victims of dangersous drugs and medical devices. Robins Cloud was established almost 20 years ago and the firm has since represented tens of thousands of victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices.

The award winning Robins Cloud attorneys focus on representing victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices nationwide. Robins Cloud has litigated against multinational corporations in the state and federal courtson behalf of clients who wer injured by dangerous dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Why Lawsuits Matter

Manufacturers who place dangerous products in the marketplace skirting past an overwhelmed FDA are multi-billion dollar companies for whom the small fines levied when they are caught breaking the rules is not enough of an incentive to control them. For a company, like Pfizer, who earned $247 billion dollars in from markihiding research that reveals debilitating or even life-threatening side effects that may hurt sales, of drugs wrongly marketed for irresponsible, unsafe and unapproved uses; of pharmaceutical sales pitches designed to target the most vulnerable patient communities; of massive fraud committed against Medicare and consumers; and more.

If you or a loved one suffered a hear attack, stroke or other cardiac event after using testosterone supplements, it would be wise to speak to an attorney to see if you qualify to be part of a class action lawsuit and obtain compensation for your injury.

Drug & Device Information

Testosterone supplements became a TV commercial staple and a supposed medical cure-all for a certain age group. The only catch? Low-T may not be an actual medical problem at all — and certainly not for the countless men who started lifelong supplementation without even having their testosterone levels checked. Now, many of these men are suffering from life-threatening cardiac events.

Alarming Study

After publication of two studies that indicated a relationship between low testosterone treatment and deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks, stroke, and even death, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began investigating prescription testosterone products. As a result of their investigtion,the FDA forced manufacturers of testosterone supplements to affix a warning label indicating an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

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The National Cancer study of more than 55,000 men with low testosterone indicated that men using prescription testosterone therapys show an increased risk of suffering heart attacks and related cardiac problems and that men over the age of 65 had twice the risk of heart attack during the first three months of undergoing testoterone supplement therapy. A second study found a 30% increase in strokes, heart attacks and deaths in the men undergoing testosterone therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for compensation?

If you have suffered an injury that you believe was caused by a dangerous drug or medical device, you should speak to an attorney to see if you qualify for participation in a lawsuit and compensation. There is never a fee for the initial consultation. There are limitations of time within which you must file a lawsuit or make a claim so it is important to speak to an attorney as quicky as possible to avoid forfeiting your right to compensation for your injuries.

Another attorney told me I don't have a case. What should I do?

The award winning attorneys at Robins Cloud take the tough cases that most attorneys are not willing to tackle. It is always important to seek a second and even third opinion to discover if your legal rights are being protected. Legal analysis of your claim is only as good as the attorney doing the analyzing so it is important to keep asking the same questions until you are satisfied with the explanation and understand your legal rights.

Will I pay a fee for the initial consultation?

You will never pay a fee for the initial consultation. If Robins Cloud decides to accept your case, you will only pay an attorney's fee if we can obtain financial compensation for you.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

You will be regularly updated regarding the status of your claim. Each claim is unique and will be resloved depending on the nature of your injuries, the complexity of facts of your case, whether a lawsuit needs to be filed and other factors which must be anaylzed and addressed. The attorneys and staff at Robins Cloud will do everything in their power to promptly resolve your claim and are always available to provide you information about the status of your claim.

What other areas of law does Robins Cloud handle besides harmful pharmaceuticals and medical implants claims?

Our practice is focused on serious and catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. These include major car and trucking accidents, defective product litigation, injuries sustained from , mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, as well as NFL concussion cases.